Nic Fredrickson

Art Director & Designer

With over 30k dedicated Instagram followers, we’re very honored to have this award-winning designer and hand-lettering artist on our team. Nic has had the privilege of working with brands like Target, Clorox, Goose Island, Field & Stream and many more.


Joanna Thompson

Project Manager

Often referring to herself as “Omaha’s Marie Kondo” – Joanna combines her experience as a professional organizer and as an educator to her role at Fruitful. Her love of people, projects, systems and structure - makes her the ideal fit as the manager for our valued projects and clients.


Erin Pille

Art Director & Designer

Erin was Fruitful’s first "real employee" – having lent her creative talents, bubbly personality (not to mention her irreplaceable laugh) and ability to move projects forward to the Fruitful culture ever since 2013. Her background in the agency world, paired with her impeccable typography and layout skills, makes her an invaluable asset to our team.


Ben Lueders

Lead Designer & co-owner

With a background in illustration, branding and layout design, Ben founded Fruitful in 2008 to help clients flourish through simple, strategic visual design and story-telling. Ben’s award-winning design work has been featured in numerous national publications – but the most rewarding part of his job is leading the Fruitful team, and serving our clients.


Raj Lulla

StrategisT & co-owner

With previous experience in non-profit communication, photography and writing – Raj brings a lot of skills to the Fruitful table. His primary role, is that of a strategist – helping our clients understand who they are, and how to position themselves in light of what they know.



At our very heart, Fruitful is collaborative. One of the clearest ways to see this in action – is in how we partner with talented freelancers and agencies to accomplish even more for our clients.


Fruitful Friends