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Branding, Website, Print, Photo/Video

Skillwork is a travel staffing company for skilled laborers, based in Omaha Nebraska. Fruitful was hired to help create a name, a recognizable brand, a functional website and various promotional materials aimed at both recruits and employers. Founders Brett Elliott, Tim Raglin and Rob Hansen came to us with a unique business concept that they referred to as a "skills matchmaker". Borrowing from the successful business model in the field of traveling nurses – Skillwork seeks to connect workers with specialized skills to various job opportunities all over the country.

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Name + Branding

We've found that often the most simple solution, is the right one – hence Skillwork became the official name of the company. We also assisted in the procurement of the valuable domain

Being that working-class men are the main target demographic (including military veterans and men nearing retirement) – the logo design, font choice, and overall style of the brand was inspired greatly by the masculine design ethos of old, American tool companies. 

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Website Design

At the outset – we knew that the Skillwork website would need to be more than just a simple brochure-site. It would definitely include the standard marketing information – but it would also need some advanced features on the back end for capturing and managing recruits. That’s why we partnered with our talented friends at Plumb Web Strategy who have real-world experience building online staffing solutions for other companies. 


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Promotional Materials

Having a functional website and social platforms is great –  but we knew that wouldn’t be enough. Skillwork needed physical promotional materials to help get the word out at job fairs, trade shows and other in-person sales opportunities. For the initial launch we helped design t-shirts, stickers, booklets, flyers and trade show booth signage – as well as social media graphics templates.

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Fruitful Design Strategy Omaha Nebraska Skillwork Stationery.jpg

Photo + Video

We teamed up with talented filmmaker Jacob Willis to create a series of videos for Skillwork – and remained heavily involved in the ideation, direction and implementation. Our very own owner/photographer, Raj Lulla, helped capture imagery of real-world skilled laborers for use on social media, and the website.

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A word from the client:

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“Working with the Fruitful guys has truly been a collaborative effort where creative ideas and a free flow of information flowed back and forth. They took our concepts and dreams and turned them into reality. We look forward to a long and “fruitful” relationship as our new company grows.”
— Tim Raglin, Founding Partner of Skillwork