Running a successful non-profit is hard work. Fruitful knows – and we’re here to help.

The never ending events, fundraisers, and campaigns. The constantly changing, short-handed staff and volunteers. The difficulty in communicating your vision in a way that people understand and connect with. All this, and the only real “profit” being the lives and hearts touched by your organization (which turns out to be pretty hard to measure). With all these hurdles, it can became hard to imagine your branding, design, messaging and communication strategy being excellent.

At Fruitful, we are well aware of the challenges of a non-profit – and sympathize with their needs. We, too, are a mission-based organization that feeds off impacting our community and changing lives of those struggling. And although we can’t fix all your organizational problems, we can at least give you a professional outside perspective, some strategic tools, and make you look and sound consistent and awesome at the same time. 

Case Studies

The Hope

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Owl Ride

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Branding, Package Design, Promo



Measure 50 times, cut once



Before our team starts pushing pencils, pixels and perspiration on the specific branding problem at hand – we’ve found it’s more helpful to slow down, and just listen. To get to know your needs – we need to get to know you, and your organization. What is your mission? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What makes you tick? What’s keeping your from fulfilling your mission? Why do you think Fruitful can help? 

Through conversations, exercises, mood board sessions, and lots of white erase markers – we help create a path for success for your organization. We do all this in a fun, friendly, collaborative way – that will make you excited about the journey ahead. 

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More than just a clever logo


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Logo Design

Whether you’re a brand new organization trying to come up with a cool name (that’s not already taken) – or an established non-profit that needs to refresh their corporate image, Fruitful will be your guide. Our team of design strategists won’t stop until we’ve created the perfect solution for your brand.

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Choosing the right words to communicate your brand is very important to the Fruitful team. We’d love to help refine your message in a very focused and simplified way – helping to determine your corporate voice, website copy, official tag line, marketing slogan etc.


Brand Book

Consistency is key for any organization. Consistent colors, fonts, imagery, voice, and logo usage can help convey strength, trustworthiness and professionalism to your audiences. That’s why we create custom brand “Bibles” for our clients, to help spell out all the details for anyone that interacts with your brand.  

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share your message with the world


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In this fast-paced digital world, we know how difficult it can be for an online presence to be an asset rather than a liability to your company. This is why we keep all of our websites simple, easy-to-edit, beautiful and always responsive to every device. We stay ahead of the changing technology so you don’t have to.


Social Media

Social media can be a powerful way to communicate with your audience. We can help strategize the best plan for your specific organization, as well as create beautiful, consistent vision assets and direction – and assisting you in implementing your strategy.

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Here at Fruitful, we believe that as long as people have hands – there will always be a need for beautiful print media. While digital communication is definitely a high priority – physical, tactile pieces that clients can have a physical connection with will always play an important role in Fruitful’s communication strategy.


The Retainer Model

start a relationship – not a project



Because we are committed to the ultimate success of your startup, organization, app, campaign etc. – we prefer to offer more than just small, one-off projects. Fruitful’s time and resources can be best put to use in long-term client relationships where we can assist in guiding your brand from the very beginning of your venture to the thriving, "fruitful" experience we desire for all of our clients. Our model is simple: 


We first sit down and determine all the projects/tasks that need to be accomplished over a given amount of time (6 months, 12 months etc.)


Next, we schedule all of  projects/tasks to cover that previously determined amount of time.


Lastly, we divide the total cost of all the included projects into a monthly retainer payment plan.

Our clients have found this to be a very agreeable situation – since it makes the payments much easier to budget – and the pace of the payment matches the pace of the work.

What People Are Saying

Executive Director Letter_ Rebecca Stavick.jpg
The Fruitful team exudes a contagious positivity and excitement, and it’s clear that the Fruitful designers are passionate about serving their clients. I’ve also always appreciated their ability to guide projects along established timelines while also being patient with our thoughts, ideas, and requests.
— Rebecca Stavick, Do Space