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Hardy Coffee Co.

Branding, Packaging, Apparel

Hardy Coffee Co. will always have a special place in Fruitful’s heart. Autumn Pruitt, owner of Aromas Coffeehouse & Bliss Old Market Bakery, originally reached out to us to help come up with a name, logo design and packaging for a coffee roasting company she wanted to start. We had previously helped her refine the logos and design the brand book for her two related companies – little did we know, this little coffee roasting company would soon become so much more.


Name + Branding

After numerous naming strategy sessions – we arrived at Autumn’s maiden name: Hardy. Both of her parents had been such a big part of her business ventures – it was such an obvious thing to honor them in this way. We also liked how the name had a very strong, “hearty”, midwestern vibe. The creation and refinement of _____ the Bison, stemmed out of having a stalwart mascot representing the hard-working, Nebraskan values of the company.


Package Design

The rebrand was completed in 2013 – and culminated in a line of beautiful package designs, that helped Hardy become a staple coffee provider for many other coffee shops, business and places of worship all over the midwest. However, in 2016 – Autumn made the exciting decision to rebrand both Aromas Coffeehouse and Bliss Bakery as Hardy Coffee Co. Now the brand we helped create was more than simply a coffee roaster - they were also a coffeeshop with 3 locations and prolific bakery.

After Hardy’s expansion we were tasked with re-designing the packages to be more usable, cost effective, informational and beautiful. We helped design a line with 3 variations – as well as a unique “We Don’t Coast Roast” package design in collaboration with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce.


Promotional Materials

Seriously Useful Coffee shirt

Aromas Coffee Shirt

Benson Shirt

Clever Instructions

We loved working with Fruitful Design to brand the coffee roasting component of our business in 2015. They designed a variety of options and iterations as we figured out the best brand not just for a coffee company, but for our specific business and culture. Working with a local company was immeasurably worthwhile because it wasn’t just a project for them, but a real investment into the fabric of their city. There was simply better care given by a neighbor and community partner. Fruitful took the time to understand our business and listen to our input. They worked to fine tune the final product until we were sincerely thrilled. We continue to be and have enjoyed working with them on smaller projects ever since.
— Autumn Pruitt, Hardy Coffee Co.