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Coram Deo

Branding, Print, Sermon Graphics

The name Coram Deo is an ancient Latin phrase that means “Before the face of God” – and the congregation of Coram Deo Church in Omaha Nebraska, reflect this name well. A member of the Acts 29 church planting network – Coram Deo is a modern church rooted in tradition and history. So, when they purchased their very first permanent building in 2018 – they knew they wanted to refine their visual identity to one that would be more timeless and historic. Their previous logos had tended to be more trendy, athletic and modern – but they were looking for something that matched their love for old teachings, creeds and beliefs.


Name + Branding

Their previous logo featured an iconic “burst” design – that was meant to represent the face of God. We loved this simple/powerful iconography, yet – there were some technical issues with this logo, that made it not as timeless and versatile as they needed when applying it to a historic, brick and mortar building. Through much conversation and iterating – we discovered that capturing that basic shape inside the historic structure of a church window – was a powerful way of visually capturing the evolution of the church’s identity.

Promotional Materials


Podcast graphics

Signage mockup

T-shirt test

Tattoo test

Church Sermon Graphics

In addition to the branding work, Fruitful is on a monthly retainer to create sermon and event graphics for everything Coram Deo does. Here is a sampling of some of our favorite projects.


Annual Report

Simply titled, “This is Coram Deo” – this 70+ page book became one of the largest documents we’ve ever created, and also one of the most rewarding. With unique printing/binding techniques, premium paper selection, original photography by our very own Raj Lulla – this 6 month project, truly became a labor of love for our team. It also helped steer the visual direction of the new Coram Deo branding.

Fruitful Design has done nothing but beautiful, creative, eye-catching work for us - always on-time and within budget. We love their team, and we love how easy it is to work with them on projects small and large. I heartily recommend their services!
— Bob Thune, Coram Deo Church